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Boar Bristle Round Brush

Boar Bristle Round Brush

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The boar bristle brush helps smooth the hair while locking in moisture and providing shine. Its unique design makes it more gentle on your hair, featuring heat-resistant nylon threads that work to distribute heat evenly from the core. These round brushes are ideal for creating body and volume. The pointed wood tips help you part or section easily. Available in seven different sizes from No.2, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, and No.9. With a comfortable and sturdy grip, the boar bristle brush glides through all types of hair for a shiny smooth finish. 


Wood, Nylon thread, metal

Additional Information

Available in seven different sizes from No.2, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, and No.9.

No. 2
Brush Diameter: 3.6cm
Length: 24cm
Weight: 32grams

No. 4
Brush Diameter: 4.6cm
Length: 25cm
Weight: 55 grams

No. 5
Brush Diameter: 5cm
Length: 25cm
Weight: 64 grams

No. 6
Brush Diameter: 5.6cm
Length: 26cm
Weight: 87 grams

No. 7
Brush Diameter: 6.3cm
length: 26cm
weight: 109 grams

No. 8
Brush Diameter: 7cm
Length: 26cm
Weight: 142 grams

Brush Diameter: 8cm
Length: 26cm
Weight: 152grams

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